The Buzz in Barnsley

Earlier in the year, Teach You were lucky enough to be chosen as one of 12 Barnsley based companies to benefit from the click programme. The course itself was designed to support companies new and existing to take the leap into the world of E-commerce.

We finished the formal sessions of the course a few months ago, however the support continues way past the ‘graduation’ event. It was a privilege to meet so many other entrepreneurs, from such diverse backgrounds. I can’t help but feel that there is a real buzz in the air in Barnsley at the moment and its because of inspirational opportunities such as this one.

As a Barnsley lass (born and bred), it’s not often that we are in the spotlight as innovators. The programme itself was designed by Enterprise Nation, Enterprising Barnsley and delivery was supported through the Digital Media Centre. Throughout the programme we were guided and mentored by some of the most renowned experts in business, including Emma Jones, Ben Hawley and Tracey Johnson not to mention the vast array of speakers and experts brought in to guide and advise our fledgling ideas.

Being brought face to face with investors whilst we stood selling our business concepts on the top floor of KPMG and overlooking the financial district was amazing. However what really did get me excited was the wander around Shoreditch, seeing the startups, hearing the stories, understanding how Hub and collaborative working really benefits small businesses… Just like ours. It makes me even more giddy to think we have our own northern version emerging on our doorstep within the Digital Media Centre in Barnsley.

The inspirational Digital Media Centre in Barnsley
The inspirational Digital Media Centre in Barnsley

Click and Enterprise Nation are providing even more of these opportunities in the future, so it’s worth keeping an eye on what’s available, I personally can’t recommend it enough. I hope that the training we deliver to our learners sets their sights as high as the click programme has for us.

Our gratitude for the help and support you have provided us with is huge. There really is a Buzz for Business in Barnsley at the moment, and this Barnsley lass is really excited by it all.

Lead, laugh and learn,

Kerri x

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