Why should I blog, who am I?

As a result of the click programme, it’s made me realise that I really should be writing a blog. Partly because it helps keep our website fresh,¬†¬†full of content and a reason for people to keep coming back. But also because it’s a great way to share our knowledge, expertise and adventures!


Barnsley entrepreneur Kerri Hull
Barnsley entrepreneur Kerri Hull

So what type of things can you expect to read in our blog? Well firstly I promise to try and keep them short. We think that we have a lot to say about a lot of things, ranging from business, leadership, health and social care, education, assessment and quality but to name a few. So the content is there from the start.

So firstly who am I? My name is Kerri Hull and I’m the Managing Director of Teach You. I come from Barnsley and have lived here most of my life, I love my home town and am proud to have our business based here.

The company is owned by myself and my husband Rory and we have been together for the past 18 years. Coincidentally that’s also how long we have both worked in the health and social care and education sectors. We have an amazing little boy who is 18 months old and hopefully one day he’ll be part of the family business.

Our business is our ‘second child’, and to be honest, it really does need the same type of nurture and care to bring it up properly and for it to realise all of the hopes and dreams we had for it when we first decided to take the plunge and become our own bosses.

We like to think of ourselves as different, we always have. Right back to when we were young, we were never ones to follow the crowd. We soon realised when we set the company up, this was going to be no different. We don’t look or feel like most of the other training providers out there within health and social care. Our main aim has always been to improve the skills of the staff so that the residents, children and clients receive a much higher quality of care. How we approach this is unique to every learner and their service.

You will soon come to realise that we feel passionate about this, it’s our driving force and after two years of trading we are getting there and starting to make a difference.

So, if you want to regularly hear the ramblings of a care assessor, quality assurer, business woman and entrepreneur please feel free to sign up to our newsletter using the section below. Alternatively, keep checking back here for new posts….

Lead, laugh and learn,

Kerri x

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