Geoff Evans

Geoff qualified as a social worker in the 1970s, since then he has focused his career around supporting individuals with autism and is considered by many as an expert in the field, having recently been recognised as a finalist for the NAS lifetime achievement Award and the LiangBuission outstanding contribution award.

He has had the privilege of supporting families of people with autism which included siblings. His many roles have seen him develop skills in training and education,consultancy, leadership and management, advocacy, quality and compliance. His specialisms include  sexuality in adolescence, wellbeing, sensory perception and processing in young people, managing stress and anxiety, behaviour which challenges and all aspects of supporting families of children with autism. His recent research has included identifying the competencies required to work effectively with individuals with autism and the experiences of parent of children with autism. Most recently his published articles have appeared in GAP and on-line for Network Autism.

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